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The tracklist for our Double Album:  'Uke Hunts Are Killing Me'

Reviews / Testimonials

"Amazing! Mr. Fuddly has written the 'November Rain' of titty songs"

                                    - Dr.  Haang On Tall

                                      Rolling Stoned                                       Magazine          

" Lyrics purty good, music purty good,  band purty good, KKP purty darn  good, name Boggy Sodom Boys purty damn good! Can't wait to hear more  from 'Uke Hunts'. "

                              - OneClickPony

                                 Internet authority


"To me, it sounds like you are ripping off The Rolling Stones in the verses."

                                - mikelz777

                                   Forum Troll  

"SUPER CUTE!!  And the music isn't half bad either. (Best gerbil reference since Richard Gere)"

              - Bob N. Neal 

                GAYBOY Magazine

"I can't quit listening to it. It's better than CATS.  I'm going to play it again, and again, and again."



                      - A. Vian Shamm, Reviewer

                          SPUN Magazine

"To me, it sounds like... The Rolling Stones in the verses"



                                      HUGE fan