J. Byrd Fuddly & The Boggy Sodom Boys

America's Premier Animal Named Joke-A-Billy Band

Joke-a-billy? WTF?


What is Joke-A-Billy?

Joke-a-billy is a term coined to represent our unique brand of music... hints of punk, rockabilly, folk, prewar country, bluegrass, hillbilly and americana type roots music, all glued together with a healthy dose of humour.  You are better off just to have a listen and describe it yourself (Just check the video link below... it even has a 'Follow the Bouncing Brain' effect to make indoctrination easy, effective AND entertaining).


Who are The Boggy Sodom Boys?

Although their origin is shrouded in mystery,  swamp fog, and cannabis smoke, it is believed that this elite cadre of noisemakers was assembled to assist J. Byrd Fuddly in his campaign towards obscurity.  Inviting comparisons to Robin Hood's Merry Men, Seal Team Six(teen), or the Banana Splits, a finer group of musicians has seldom been assembled outside of myth.


Why Should I Care?

If you are a citizen of Planet Earth, with a sense of hearing (on second thought, the pictures are good too) then you should hear this album.  If you like to laugh and smile, then this project is right up your alley.  If you like shocked outrage and frowning, then this album should appeal to you as well.  Basically, if you breathe, this album is for you.  Your pet (dog / cat / fish / gimp) would probably enjoy the diversion as well... Buy them a copy too.  In short, this may be the most important media event to hit the planet since Hands Across America .... So jump on this bandwagon early, people... Don't miss out!!!  Makes a perfect _________________(Fill in the Holiday) Gift as well. What better way is there to show the special people in your life how much you love them??

Video Evidence

Another video for the ages: Hog Sloppin' Time (In the Hollow).  Believe it or not, this song has been recorded at least twice before us, so here's our take.  Video was compiled from clips of our American hill-billy past.  Enjoy!!

Exhibit II

Originally recorded in 1931 by Harry Roy, we are just doing our part to keep a proud pussycat tradition alive for a new generation (pussy NEVER goes out of style).  Features lots of classic cats from our past, and also has guest vocals from both Kitty Kait Plunkett and Lightnin' Boy Khind.  Enjoy, and feeback is always welcome!!

Exhibit III

Here's a video for our song 'Don't Leave Me (With My Ding Dong In My Hand).  It features video clips from past Hostess commercials.  Enjoy!!

Exhibit IV


Here's the 'official' release of our single 'Do the Deed'  from the upcoming double album: 'Uke Hunts are Killing Me' (coming soon).  It features guest vocals from a very talented young lady, Kitty Kait Plunkett, who did a FANTASTIC job!  Please feel free to comment, and let us know what you think (fair or fowl), cause we would LOVE to hear your feedback!!!

Exhibit V


Here is Byrd & The Boys' interpretation of the 1972 White Witch  classic.  The video was compiled from various anti-drug films from our  past (from Reefer Madness on forward)  Enjoy, and please let us know  what you think!!


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