Ragged But Right


Music by Riley Puckett (1934)

Lyrics by Riley Puckett & J. Byrd Fuddly


I've come here to tell you people I'm Ragged but Right / I'm a ladies man, a  rambler, and I drink every night / I get a porterhouse steak three times a day for my board / It's more than a loafer like me should afford

Electric fan keep me cool while I sleep / Purdy little lady wrapped around my  feet / I'm a joker and a toker and I'm stoned every night / I tell you boys I'm Ragged but Right


 I go everywhere - I don't pay no fare / I can ride a freight train almost anywhere /  Whether I win or lose - I don't get no blues / It's ramblin' and rollin' for me

I've been everywhere- I don't have no cares / Sleepin' in a fancy bed or in  the open air / Do just what I choose cause I don't pay no dues / It's ramblin' and rollin' for me


I hopped aboard a freight train down in Caroline / Rode it to Atlanta to get me some shine / Then I got into a card game with just thirty-nine  cents / Came struttin' out with another man's rent

You think I'm braggin' but don't get me wrong / I can only run for office after singin' this song / I'm a rambler and a gambler and i drink every  night / I'll tell you boys I'm Ragged but Right

I'm a romeo, a ladies man, I'm prowling tonight / I'll tell you girls I'm Ragged but Right

Tell you boys I'm Ragged but Right

Tell you all I'm Ragged but I'm Right

Ragged But Right